What a wonderful time we had on July 12 for our Bastille Day party!

MERCI to Micheline who prepared all the scrumptious food and offered such a lovely setting around her backyard pool – even the weather was perfect!  Hospitality Chairwoman, Nancy creatively decorated the tables and fences with festive dish towels from different French regions and fresh flowers in vases.  Sabina also helped with bringing out the 3 courses of foods which were beautifully arranged on the buffet table.

Upon arrival, the guests were given a nametag on their back and everyone graciously participated in the game of “Which Famous French Person am I?” About 12 people played a competitive game of Pétanque, a couple of people enjoyed swimming in the pool, and the French music inspired our two ballroom dancers to a Parisian swing and everyone ate, and ate and ate, sipped wine and enjoyed a delightful afternoon together.