Want to have more meaning in your life and do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? We are seeking members who wish to be actively involved and will volunteer to help your organization.
On July 10, the membership will elect the AFNWCT Officers and Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 (two-year term).
Why not volunteer your services to help keep AFNWCT growing stronger!

AFNWCT Board of Directors roles & responsibilities:gavel-568417__180

  • Provide the overall leadership and strategic direction to AFNWCT
  • Set policies
  • Ensure adequate resources to carry out the mission and vision of AFNWCT
  • Serve as ambassador to the community, encouraging others to support AFNWCT

To volunteer for any of the following Officer or Board of Director positions, please click HERE to submit your name to the Nominating Committee or call (203) 707-0710 no later than June 15.
A brief description of the open positions are as follows:
President: Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to develop and implement programs and strategies to make continuous progress towards the achievement of our core mission. Maintain the fiscal integrity of the organization to reflect present needs and future potential.
Vice President: Preside at meetings in the absence of the President. (Ideally this position is combined with a Committee Chair position.)
Secretary: Record the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and of the general membership and any other meetings as may occur.
Treasurer: Record all financial transactions; maintain the membership list; prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors, present the Annual financial report to the general membership at the Annual meeting.
Language School Director: Organize class schedules, manage potential student inquiries; select teachers, conduct routine observations and evaluations of teachers and devise and implement a student satisfaction/evaluation form.
Program Committee Chair: Plan and organize the annual calendar to include at least one special educational or cultural event per quarter; collaborate with guest speakers and other committee chairs to implement and publicize the educational and cultural programs.
Membership Committee Chair: Develop techniques to recruit new members; seek out and procure business partnerships that increase the value of being a member; help new members feel welcome and become involved.
Hospitality Committee Chair: Provide a warm, inviting environment for attendees; collaborate with program committee and volunteers to ensure the set-up and cleanup of special events.
Publicity Committee Chair: Collaborate with program committee to ensure events and programs are publicized through print, on-line and social media; assist in managing official afnwct.org website, Facebook, Twitter and other such website accounts.
Board Member/Legal Consultant: Review governing documents and contracts for the Board; assist in ensuring legal compliance of state and federal laws.
Board Member: Please identify your area of expertise where you feel you can add value to our organization.

To be considered for any Board position, please be sure to submit your name to the Nominating Committee at: conseil@afnwct.org no later than June 15. All Members (no matter how long you’ve been a member) are welcome and encouraged to join the Board.

Committee Member Volunteers: (Program, Membership, Hospitality and Publicity: see descriptions above) Please send your name to volunteer to assist with any or all of these committees by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your consideration and continued support!
Best regards,
Marda Gutierrez, President